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Versatile multi-factor authentication and passwordless access.

Next generation security for next generation collaboration

Authenticator enables strong authentication to your most sensitive on-premise and cloud business services.

Authenticator delivers versatile strong authentication and secure access to cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications. With Authenticator, organisations can quickly wrap an enterprise-grade security layer around critical services that require a higher level of assurance than username and password.


With Authenticator, users can easily verify their identity from their smartphone to a much higher level of assurance - enabling organisations to protect sensitive services through adaptive, context-driven, security.​

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Authentication for every occasion

Choose from One-Time Passcode, Push, Swipe and QR to protect your services.

Introducing a new security factor: Choice

Authenticator delivers versatile authentication to secure users access across diverse use cases and contexts.

When it comes to strong authentication, every user is different. From internal users to business partners and consumers, organisations need to provide versatile and secure options for verifying users are who they say they are.

From time-based tokens to swipe-based authentication, Authenticator provides a choice of authentication for internal and external access, giving users the power to switch, in real-time, to the right security method for them.

What’s more, with device integrity checks and a remote identity lock, you can be sure that Authenticator is safeguarding your access at every step.

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All choice, no fuss

Approve or Reject? Just swipe.

Frictionless Authentication

Swipe makes it even simpler for users to access their services. Driven by a simple ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ dialogue sent direct to their app, all they have to do is brush left or right and we’ll do the rest.

No more codes or inputs, just one swipe and you’re there.

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(Strong) Authentication
as a Service

One Console, all of your services. On demand.

Authenticator as a Service

Assurance and availability on demand.

With Authenticator as a Service, your organisation can quickly deploy and administer enterprise-grade authentication without the significant cost or effort.

Providing a single console from which to deploy and manage multiple projects, Authenticator as a Service gives you the power to protect your critical services:

  • Enable passwordless authentication 
  • View and administer all users and device profiles
  • Elevate security with strong authentication methods 
  • Enable and disable functions within Authenticator as required
  • Modify access specific to customers, internal users and partners
  • Invite and manage administrators to your Authenticator projects
  • Specify the security policy of each service and application being accessed
  • Control the appearance and behaviour of Authenticator for each of your security projects
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Ready for take off

Pre-flight device security ensures your services stay in flight.

Device Integrity and Management

Authenticator utilises a comprehensive framework for device integrity to assure every transaction.

Authenticator comes with jailbreak and device security features to ensure the safety of the user’s identity in real time. Prior to every session, Authenticator deploys a comprehensive library of data and endpoint checks to protect against third party intrusion. Should the app be compromised, access is automatically locked and your organisation alerted.


Quick Set-up, Assured Identity.

Setting up Authenticator couldn’t be easier, simply scan the QR code from within the app to link it to your account.

For your most secure services, protect Swipe behind Touch ID, PIN or Facial Recognition challenges.