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Consumer Identity

Enabling digital transformation with consumer identity and strong customer authentication.

Building trust through a single, secure, digital identity.

The first touch-point for consumer access, your IAM platform plays an important role in creating the right level of engagement with your customers.  

Providing seamless and secure access to all of your digital services, Access: One improves engagement through versatile services for user registration, authentication, preference and consent management as well as user self-service.

Access: One provides scalable solutions for organisations to customise, protect and deliver services to new and existing users:

Access: One Business to Consumer
Identity-as-a-Service for agile customer facing services.

Strong and multi-factor authentication for high value transactions and strong customer authentication.

Access: One Platform
A flexible orchestration engine and IAM API for omni-channel access.

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Engaging customer experiences delivered through an easy to consume platform tailored for B2C use cases.

Better engagement begins with Identity.

Customisable registration, authentication and self-service, from a single console.

Access: One's Business to Consumer (B2C) Identity service provides agile businesses with access to enterprise grade authentication and self-service from a single, web console. Providing the freedom to manage multiple Identity services for new ventures or services, it provides an easy to use interface for defining, customising and deploying your consumer identity service.

The power to customise the credentials you need for registration and authentication.

Based on the methods you configure the platform automatically populates your authentication and recovery journeys with the correct security methods. When

With support for social login and Authenticator, you can eradicate the need for passwords and deliver frictionless authentication.

Easily implement your brand colours, logo and tone.  Every field and input can be customised to create journeys that are seamlessly on message.

Quickly and easily deploy your service with no more complexity than a copy and paste of a few lines of code.

Got a new venture in need of a rapid IAM roll-out? Speak to us today.

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Six tabs to success

Configure your consumer identity service in as little as six simple steps.

Flow Based Identity

Easy to configure and quick to deploy enterprise grade consumer IAM.

Designing and setting up new identity services couldn't be simpler. Following six simple steps, you'll have complete control over your customer's experience - from registration to single sign-on into your services. With a live preview available at every stage, you have visibility of how your service will appear at every stage.

Want to design and deploy a flexible identity solution for your customers? Follow these six simple steps:

Enable login through email address and a selection of authentication methods. 

If your user forgets their login credentials, we'll automatically display the right recovery method for their needs.

Customise the messaging in the initiation email you'll send during registration. Define the user details you want to collect and the authentication methods available.

Configure your look and feel to match your brand guidelines. Use the live preview feature to see how your service looks before going live.

Single sign-on
Configure connections between your services and the Access: One platform. Choose from Authorization Code with PKCE or implicit grant type.

Implement your service. Simply reference our B2C JS library and paste a snippet of code to your HTML.

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Easily on brand

Customise your customer journeys, from registration to recovery.

Deliver Identity, your way.

Deliver seamless brand experiences between your Identity service and your business.

As the first point of contact for many of your service's users, your access and authentication services need to be on message and on brand. That's why we've made sure that you can easily customise the look and feel of your project. With a live preview embedded at every stage, you have visibility of how your service will appear to the end user as you:

  • Control the messaging for your inputs and text fields
  • Compose the text for all customer facing emails
  • Set the look and feel for your Identity service UI

Designed with accessibility and responsiveness in mind, you can be sure that Identity never looked so good.

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Versatile multi-factor authentication and passwordless access.

Rapidly deploy enterprise grade authentication as a service around new
products and ventures.

Authenticator delivers versatile authentication for passwordless and frictionless authentication from a single mobile app. Supporting time-based one time passcodes as well as swipe authentication, Authenticator is the ideal security companion for your responsive consumer driven service.

  • Go passwordless for login
  • Support frictionless authentication with swipe authentication
  • Secure high-value transactions based on context driven authentication
  • Authenticate anytime, anywhere via your mobile


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One identity,
many opportunities

A highly responsive platform
for omni-channel IAM.

Realise responsive omni-channel identity

Access: One helps your organisation to leverage identity, enriching customer experience and consistency across touchpoints.

As the first touch-point for users accessing a service, your IAM platform plays a critical role in delivering on expectation. Modern customers expect very little difference between their online and high street shopping. They want the same range, quality and customer care as they would expect if they were in-store.

A successful digital retail platform demands anytime access which is responsive across devices. Customers need to be able to easily access services and perform transactions online, in-store or via mobile apps.

Pirean’s Access: One platform enables businesses to give customers access to all of their services across web and mobile platforms, customer support and instore. With rich support for UX-focused user journeys and company branding, Access: One helps you ensure that every visit to a business touchpoint is not only secure, but also accessible and on-message.

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