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Workforce Identity

Improve productivity, control access and launch opportunity. Welcome to Webtop.

Improve employee engagement and productivity

Improve productivity for employees, partners and customers. Extend security beyond the corporate boundary and easily administer user access.

With organisations becoming increasingly dependent on applications hosted within and external to the network perimeter, today’s enterprise requires solutions with the intelligence and flexibility to control access, respond to risk and build on opportunity.

Our workforce identity solutions enable productivity through a wide range of services including single sign-on, self-service access request and preference management.

For managers and administrators, capabilities include user administration, application onboarding, access approvals and access certification.

Provide secure access to cloud and on-premise applications with single sign-on, identity governance and strong authentication.

User administration and provisioning tasks brought together in a single, easy to use, administrative console.

Speak to us today to find out how Webtop and Helpdesk enable workforce productivity. 

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With capabilities including strong user authentication as well as identity governance and administration, Webtop provides more than single sign-on.

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Providing intelligent access to cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications, Webtop provides a secure access portal for employees and partners which helps to prevent security breaches whilst improving user engagement and productivity.

A single point of access and control, whatever your role

Access applications, manage users and define security policy from a single location.

Webtop provides users, line managers and system administrators the tools they need to securely and efficiently do their jobs – all accessible from a single portal.

For Users

  • Access applications through a secure portal
  • Self-service preference management  
  • Request application and role-based access

For Line Managers

  • Administer team member access to on-premise and cloud applications

For Administrators

  • Centrally define and administer security policy
  • Customise the visual style and journeys presented in Webtop
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Versatile multi-factor authentication and passwordless access.


Webtop for passwordless authentication

Enable passwordless login whilst enabling users to choose their preferred strong authentication methods.

Webtop provides single sign-on to all of your applications, whether in the cloud or behind the firewall. What's more, with Authenticator, your user's initial sign-on doesn’t need to be a password.

Users can configure their authentication method from choices including:

  • Push notification  
  • Swipe 
  • TOTP
  • QR login
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My Identity

A personal portal where users can manage their preferences, access permissions and reset their security credentials.

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My Team

Provide line managers a consolidated view of their team. Notifying them of access requests and outstanding actions for access reviews and approvals.

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My Requests

Quickly view the status of your requests with timeline updates. If you're an approver, easily administer pending requests.

Centrally administer user access, across all Access: One services

A single touchpoint to every user accessing your organisation.

Managing access across multiple networks, directories and applications can be hugely complex. As organisations adopt a bimodal approach to IT they need to implement centralised security services which span cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Helpdesk enables you to bring all of your user administration and provisioning tasks together in a single, easy to use console.

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One console, every user

A consolidated view of access privileges across directories and services.

Centralise user administration and provisioning tasks in a single, easy to use administrative console.

  • Administer customer, employee and partner access 
  • Drill into application, role and device details to approve, revoke or suspend access
  • Delegated provisioning on behalf of users and line managers
  • Centrally administer supported strong authentication methods