Access: One

Secure, monitor and maintain identities across every platform, device and channel interacting with your organisation.

Our products extend the reach of your IAM implementation by surfacing end-user services built on the Access: One platform.

One platform, everything identity

The Access: One platform enables product and security teams to publish new IAM services which make use of Access: One’s framework for Integration, Orchestration and User Experience.

We support clients from government and large enterprise to small business, providing robust, scalable and secure infrastructures which deliver services for single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, user provisioning, governance, self-service and device management - all brought together in a single solution.

Access: One Platform

Discover some of Access: One's packaged products

Access: One products enable you to deliver comprehensive IAM capabilities from a single platform. Click on the above tiles to find out more regarding:

  • Workforce IAM (Webtop);
  • Citizen and Consumer IAM;
  • Strong Authentication (Authenticator);
  • User Self-Service (Self-Service Portal); and
  • Mobile Access.

Your complete IAM Capability

Access: One’s innovative product suite ensures your users can take their access anywhere and enables all of their identity requirements. from company workforces and external customers, to line managers and administrators, A:1 has identity covered.

  • Authentication and Single Sign-On;
  • Identity Management and Governance;
  • Integration and Mobile; and
  • Reporting and Security Intelligence.

Access: One Capabilities