Secure access to applications and resources with support for risk-based authentication.

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Strong Authentication  to Cloud Services 

Frictionless access

Strengthen access to your most sensitive on-premise and cloud applications. Provide a seamless, password-free single sign-on experience.

Authenticator provides a strong authentication platform for organizations to provide secure access to business services. With Authenticator, users can easily and securely verify their identity from their smartphone and provide a higher level of assurance than when using a username and password.

Authenticator strengthens security and provides a seamless single sign-on experience.

Seamless Security

Push / SMS, QR or time-based passcodes - the choice is yours.

Time-based passcode

Time-based passcodes deliver an in-app code linked to the user's account. Each passcode is valid for 60 seconds, after which a new code is displayed.

Push / SMS passcode

Push / SMS passcodes deliver a custom one-time passcode direct to a user's mobile device. Each unique passcode expires after 60 seconds.

QR code authentication

QR authentication requires the user to scan a QR code to generate a one-time passcode. Each QR code is unique and paired with a user's identity.

Strong Authentication has never been easier

  • A user makes a request to open an application and is prompted to provide a one-time passcode;
  • They launch their Authenticator app and verify their identity via PIN or TouchID;
  • They enter their OTP onscreen; and
  • The user is authenticated and their access request audited alongside all other Access: One activities.

True Password-less SSO

Authenticator delivers versatile strong authentication that can be deployed across internal and externally hosted services, including those normally protected via username and password.

With Authenticator, organizations can enable users to easily verify their Identity from their smartphone to a much higher level of assurance than username and password. When used with Webtop, users can also choose to perform their initial logon using Authenticator, removing the need for passwords altogether.

At a glance

  • Support for push based messaging and one-time passcodes;
  • Support for time-based passcodes;
  • Support for Pirean Qryptologin;
  • Certification, Approvals and Transaction signing; and
  • Support for Touch ID.


Simple to deploy Strong Authentication.


  • Support for SMS, push, QR and time-based passcodes;
  • Log in to secured applications quickly and safely;
  • Remove the need for passwords;
  • Full audit of all authentication activities; and
  • Strong authentication for use at any time and from anywhere.