Citizens and Consumers

Identity services designed to bring customers closer.

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Relationships built on Identity

Better engage prospects and convert customers to advocates.

Access: One for Citizens and Consumers provides a packaged capability for delivering secure digital services.

With prebuilt capabilities from registration and authentication to preferences management, the platform enables organizations to quickly and securely engage with prospects and customers.

Digital Security - tailored for Customers

Enable better engagement across digital channels with Access: One.

Single Sign-On

Providing seamless access to digital services.

With Single Sign-On, you can deploy pre-built workflows for social and traditional authentication. Your users only login once and have secure access across multiple websites and domains.

Single Sign-On provides a turnkey solution that makes it easy for users to access all of your services with a single digital identity. Users can choose to login using their email address, digital ID or social identity.

With Single Sign-On, access to digital services is easy, intuitive and frictionless.

User Registration

Making it easy for users to access services. With pre-built workflows and capabilities for user registration, Access: One supports progressive profiling and verification to get people to the resources they want, quickly and securely.

Pre-built workflows include support for social and traditional registration, profile updates, privacy management and user self-service.

Registration also supports use of email and CAPTCHA verification to ensure data accuracy.


Ensuring users always have access.

Providing packaged and secure services for self-service password reset, Access: One ensures it’s easy for returning users to get access to the information and services they need.

Pre-built workflows include support for user verification based on questions and answers, multi-factor authentication or social credentials.

Preferences Management

Building trust and better engagement. Putting control in the hands of your customers, Access: One gives users control over the information they share and enables them to personalize their interactions with organizations.

Pre-built capabilities include support for terms and conditions, privacy settings, contact preferences and pairing for social credentials and multi-factor authentication.

Social Identity

Increase registrations and logins while getting to know your customers better.

Social Login removes a barrier to entry by reducing the need for usernames and passwords. Users can authenticate using existing social credentials and choose to allow access to their data to better build personalized experiences.

Helpdesk Services

Provide secure access to customer data and better support your users.

Pre-built capabilities include packaged services for user identification and verification as well as common helpdesk capabilities including password reset and changes to personal details and preferences.

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Accessible via API, Access: One enables organizations to build and publish security services and workflows which can be accessed from multiple websites, apps and other systems.

With Single Sign-On, customers can access all of your services and brands from any entry point using a single digital identity. Presented on-brand and on-message, your identity platform enables you to better engage customers while delivering feature-rich security services.

Citizens and Consumers


  • Adaptive Authentication;
  • API accessible;
  • Pre-built workflows;
  • Preferences Management;
  • Self-Service;
  • Social Login; and
  • Single Sign-On.

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