Self-Service Portal

Password and preferences management from any device.

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Identity Management in the palm of your hand.

Self-Service Portal provides easy access for users to reset their passwords and manage their credentials, from any device and location.

The workforce has changed

So should the services that support them.

Today's workforce requires anytime and anywhere access. The digital workplace is online 24x7, and users demand self-service capabilities to be productive.

Self-Service Portal enables users to administer their credentials themselves, solving issues swiftly and securely.

Help Yourself

Available from smartphones, tablets and browsers, Self-Service Portal enables users to manage their own IAM preferences from the device of their choice, significantly reducing IT support workloads and waiting times.

Change Contact Details

Users can administer their contact details to ensure anytime access to resources (for example, supporting password recovery and one time passcodes via SMS).

Change Passwords and Recovery Questions

Self-Service Portal gives users the power to reset their passwords and administer their self-service questions.

Audit and Access History

Access via the Self-Service Portal is centrally audited and recorded alongside a user's other Access: One services.

Enable your workforce, empower your organization

The Self-Service Portal:

  • Delivers a controlled, secure and audited access point for users to reset their passwords and administer their preferences;
  • Enables users to reset their passwords without contacting a helpdesk, reducing support calls and improving productivity; and
  • Ensures users are resetting the passwords from approved devices.

At a glance

  • Secure browser access;
  • User self-service and preferences management; and
  • Secured via Touch ID / PIN.

Self-Service Portal

Password reset and preferences management across every device.


  • Enable secure access to administer passwords and preferences from company and user owned devices;
  • Reduce helpdesk costs by delivering password reset and preferences management direct to the user;
  • Limit access to services via device registration and approval workflows;
  • Secure access to self-service capabilities through PIN or Touch ID; and
  • A complete audit history of reset requests and transactions.