Delivering Identity and Access Management services for today’s workforce.

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Enhancing the digital workplace

A single point of control for everything Identity, Webtop provides frictionless and secure access to all the applications employees need to work.

One place for Single Sign-On

A single point of access and control, wherever work takes you

Webtop provides a web-based portal for single sign-on, access request, mobility management and self-service.

Gathering data from various identity sources and applications, Webtop provides a single point of access alongside a consolidated view of a user's identity.

Provided as a Service or hosted-on-premise, Webtop ensures all of the services your organisation needs are delivered securely, at any time and from any location.

Single Sign-On

Goodbye Passwords, hello one-click access to all of your apps.

With Single Sign-On to cloud and on-premise applications, Webtop delivers a secure launchpad from which employees can work without having to remember all of their usernames and passwords.

And what's more, that initial sign-on doesn't need to be your password. User's can configure their authentication choices from services including Authenticator, SMS and Biometrics. Webtop gives you the power to implement the authentication methods that are right for you.

Access Store

Access new apps and services. Fast.

Sometimes the tools you have will only go so far in getting the job done. With Webtop’s Access Store there’s no hold-up in gaining access to new applications and resources.

With Access Store, users have access to a personalised portal for requesting application access and group memberships. Requests can be permanent or time-based and approval workflows swiftly despatch secure notifications and tasks to the right people to action.

My Identity

No more waiting on the helpdesk, just help yourself.

Forgotten passwords are a costly pain for every organisation, not to mention a source of frustration for users trying to do their job.

Webtop’s My Identity app gives users complete control of their identity settings and preferences from a single dashboard. With My Identity, users are able to manage their own security settings and:

  • Change important contact details, like email and mobile phone number;
  • Manage their security settings, including passwords, security questions and memorable phrases;
  • Configure strong authentication methods such as Authenticator, SMS and QR-based passcodes;
  • Manage their approved applications, memberships and devices; and
  • View their access history.

My Messages

Stay in touch with your Webtop community.

Webtop’s My Messages app provides the next generation Secure Messaging solution to support access request, approvals and certiification campaigns.

Tightly integrated into Webtop, My Messages enables users to:

  • View and respond to messages sent to them;
  • Search for and initiate contact with other Webtop users in the organisation; and
  • Keep informed of the status of access requests.

My Messages goes beyond conventional messaging, line managers and application owners receive notifications whenever access requests are received. As the notification contains all of the relevant request data they can quickly approve or reject requests from within My Messages.

Identity Governance

Going beyond SSO

Today's Digital Workplace requires flexible, intuitive and easy to use services with a framework of security services operating in the background to ensure only the right people have access to resources at the right time.

Webtop's Identity Governance services include capabilities for:

  • Access Request and Approval;
  • Access Certification;
  • Identity lifecycle management; and
  • Password Self-Service.

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Webtop IBM Edition

Extend the reach of your IBM deployment with integration for IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI)

With out of the box integration, Webtop IBM Edition allows organizations to provision, audit and report on user access and activity through extended lifecycle, compliance and analytics capabilities.

Webtop’s integration with IGI extends your Webtop deployment to include capabilities for:

  • Business-activity based Separation of Duties (SoD) modelling;
  • Closed-loop compliance and user provisioning;
  • Privileged account management integration;
  • Powerful identity analytics; and
  • SAP specific SoD modelling and controls.

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Webtop for Administrators

A single point of control for administering user access across cloud, data center and mobile resources.

User Administration enables helpdesk operators and administrators to review and respond to the requirements of the organisation. Administrators can:

  • Administer users and line managers within the organisation;
  • Provide a consolidated view of access privileges and attributes from multiple directories, applications and datastores;
  • Drill deep into application, membership and device details to approve, revoke or suspend access;
  • Provision access on behalf of users and line managers;
  • Provide support services including ID&V and password reset; and
  • Configure strong authentication for applications.

Mobile Access

All the power of Webtop on your tablet.

With the Mobile Access app, your workforce can work securely from their tablet from any location. Mobile Access provides frictionless access to protected applications without the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Accessed via PIN or TouchID, authentication is easy and your users experience secure, one-touch, access to all of your applications.

At a glance

  • Application launchpad;
  • Access requests and approvals via the Access Store;
  • Device lifecycle management;
  • Identity governance and certification;
  • Secure messaging;
  • Single Sign-On;
  • Strong Authentication;
  • Team management (for line managers);
  • User self-service and preferences management;
  • User administration (for administrative users); and
  • Webtop administration (for administrative users).

An innovative IAM portal secured by Access: One’s award winning technology, Webtop provides a single sign-on launchpad for applications and services while ensuring sensitive services are protected by strong authentication.

For the user

  • Frictionless and secure access to applications;
  • Self-service preferences management (email, mobile number, password and strong authentication methods);
  • View and respond to messages;
  • Request access to new applications and resources; and
  • Manage devices.

For the organisation

  • A controlled and secure access point for users to access all of their applications;
  • User self-service access request, password reset and preferences management;
  • Line manager services including approvals, certification and team management;
  • User administration across cloud and on-premise environments; and
  • A consistent user experience across devices