Access One: Capabilities

Delegated Access

No man is an island. Modern organizations are built on team work and delegation. Access: One enables users to provide delegated access to applications as well as access approval and user administration tasks.

Password-less Authentication

Passwords are a thing of the past. The limitations and risks of using passwords for authentication are well documented. With Access: One you can remove the need for passwords altogether.

With password-less authentication your users can authenticate using secure messaging systems such as SMS and push-based notification or another strong authentication method. When paired with Access: One Authenticator you’ve got an additional level of assurance as your passcodes are protected by your fingerprint.

Risk-based Access Control

Without trust, the value of business you can conduct in a digital world is minimal. With Access: One, risk-based access control is simple to implement and administer, meaning transactions are easily secured and different levels of authentication and assurance can be configured based on user context.

Shared Credentials

Granting access to a shared inbox, Facebook, Twitter or other application account is easy with Access: One. Using Personas, your users are able to single sign-on to an application as themselves or as a shared account. With temporary provisioning and delegation you can also grant users privileged access for a set period of time.

Social Authentication

Remove the risk of password fatigue and reuse. With social authentication you can allow your customers to register and consume services through an existing credential (for example, Facebook, Twitter and Google, as well as support for OpenID Connect).

With social authentication you can quickly onboard new customers while minimizing risk. Access: One provides a complete social authentication capability which allows you to secure access to web and mobile applications, enhancing the user experience and increasing customer engagement.

Single Sign-On

Securing access to a wide range of applications is no longer a complex task. Access: One provides web and federated single sign-on to all of your applications, whether in the cloud or behind the firewall.

Supporting a wide range of standards (including SAML, OpenID, WS-Trust and OAuth), your users have easy access to applications across private, public and hybrid networks.

Strong Authentication

Smarter security starts with strong authentication. Access: One provides secure access to any application from any device over any network. By installing Pirean Authenticator your users immediately have access to the next generation of two-factor authentication. Supporting QR, time and push-based one-time passcodes, Authenticator provides an easy to implement and administer capability for strong authentication.