Identity Management

Access One: Capabilities

Access Request and Approvals

Access: One simplifies the delivery of user provisioning, single sign-on and governance capabilities from a single platform. With business-friendly systems for requesting, approving and fulfilling user access your organization is able to quickly publish applications to groups of users or via the access store.

Consumer and Citizen Identity Management

Users expect to access applications from anywhere, from any device at any time with a high expectation of user experience, self-service and privacy.

At Pirean we make it easy to support different degrees of interaction for visitors, prospects and customers – all while encouraging adoption and boosting engagement rates.

Securing access for millions of consumers and citizens around the world, Access: One provides a turnkey deployment for:

  • Simple registration and self-service preference management with seamless access across applications and platforms
  • Security driven by context and relationship – only visible when it needs to be; and
  • Ease of integration, facilitating secure and convenient access to services.

Your IAM platform is the first touch-point for users accessing a service – User Experience should be focused on best practice privacy, consumerisation and simplification.

Workforce Identity Management

We enable the modern workforce to easily access applications and services, securely.

The modern organization is built to be always on, and the modern workforce requires secure and easy access at any time and from any device. At Pirean we bring together authentication, mobile and identity services to provide a complete IAM solution from a single platform. We deliver a frictionless experience when accessing cloud and on-premise services from any device and location.

Identity Governance

Good identity management is built on good business processes. Access: One provides an end-to-end platform which includes services to support user access request, approvals and certification campaigns.

Bringing together authentication and governance means your users have complete view of who has access to what, why and how they use it.

Preferences Management

Organizations that recognize users as individuals gain market share in B2C and G2C environments. Access: One enables consumer and citizen-based users to set their own communications preferences and how they want you to use – or not use – their information. By enabling users to manage their own credentials and preferences your organization builds trust and loyalty, which leads to increased revenue for your brand.


Users need access to all of their applications from a single point. Access: One provides an end-to-end platform for onboarding and offboarding users as well as managing access rights across distributed systems. With Access: One workflow and entitlements management provisioning is no longer a complex challenge.

Self Service

Introducing a wide range of Self Service capabilities (from forgotten password to managing credentials and privacy settings), Access: One enables your users to easily access and administer their preferences and credentials.

Using Access: One’s Self Service Portal, users are securely authenticated using challenge questions, one-time passcodes or a paired device, which means you can reduce the burden on your helpdesk while maintaining strong security controls.

User Administration

Managing access across multiple networks, directories and applications used to be a complex task. As organizations adopt a bimodal approach to IT they need to implement centralized security services which span cloud and on-premise infrastructures. Access: One enables you to bring all of your user administration and provisioning tasks together in a single, easy to use administration console.