The Access: One platform enables product and security teams to publish new IAM services which make use of Access: One’s framework for Integration, Orchestration and User Experience.

We support clients from government and large enterprise to small business, providing robust, scalable and secure infrastructures which deliver services for single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, user provisioning, governance, self-service and device management – all bought together in a single solution.

Through the use of responsive web technologies and REST based API access, the Access: One platform provides a central IAM services and integration hub on which organizations can prototype, build and publish IAM services and workflows. With framework capabilities including context based authentication and authorisation, end-to-end encryption, session management and strong authentication, Access: One dramatically reduces cost while accelerating the development and deployment processes for delivering new security services and integrations.

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Context and Risk-Based Authentication

An integral part of the Access: One platform, our context and risk-based authentication capabilities provide the ability to make real-time authorisation and entitlement decisions based on a variety of factors (including device, location, level of assurance and other session specific metrics).

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Orchestration and Workflow

Implementing a centralised workflow engine to orchestrate IAM services across infrastructure components, Access: One ensures that security workflows and capabilities are aligned to your organization’s processes.

Through the use of security workflows developers are able to construct security processes and user experiences which consume different services and methods in the same process. As any workflow published by Access: One is securely accessible via a Web API, developers are able to rapidly prototype and publish new IAM services.

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The Access: One integration framework provides secure services for building information flows between adjacent systems, directories, databases and applications (both onsite and cloud-based), making it easy to build IAM services which manage heterogeneous estate.

Publishing security processes as Access: One services means that applications no longer require custom development or integration with back-end systems, instead they consume Access: One integrations and workflows which orchestrate and audit any authorized interactions.

Through the use of the Access: One platform organizations benefit from:

  • The ability to easily build and integrate responsive user experiences which deliver easy to consume and tailor end-user security services (across administrators, citizens, consumers, employees and partners)
  • A secure framework services layer which acts as an IAM services hub, delivering an end-to-end platform on which to build and securely publish services
  • An easy to extend integration capability for interacting with third party systems and infrastructure components (including out-of-the-box certified connectors for common enterprise software platforms)
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Built on Access: One’s Identity Management service, developers can easily create, maintain and remove access to cloud and on-premise applications. Organizations can also extend the reach of existing identity management technologies through the use of Access: One integrations – bringing together a number of capabilities to provide a comprehensive set of identity management services.

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Single Sign-On

Securing access to a wide range of applications is no longer a complex task. Access: One provides web and federated single sign-on to all of your applications, whether in the cloud or behind the firewall.

Supporting a wide range of standards (including SAML, OpenID, WS-Trust and OAuth), the Access: One platform makes it easy to build user experiences which bring together a number of applications in a single user session.

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User Experience

Access: One’s user experience capabilities ensure that a first class experience is delivered for all system touch points.

The ability to present multiple themes and user experiences is a key component of the Access: One platform. Securing millions of consumer, citizen and workforce identities across retail, banking, insurance, government and energy, the platform provides a highly scalable and performant framework on which organization’s prototype, build and publish end-user facing IAM services.

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Administration Interfaces

A key differentiator of the Access: One platform is the ability to build and publish administrative interfaces and wizards tailored to an organization’s specific needs. This capability brings together previously disparate systems in a single user interface (for example existing directories, external data sources and legacy identity and access management platforms). This single pane of glass approach simplifies administrative processes for managing complex IAM platforms and provides an innovative approach which enables organizations to publish security services tightly aligned to their own policies and requirements.

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Web API Access

Publishing security services via a secure Web API means that organizations are able to publish a core set of security services and interactions (for example, user registration, authentication and preferences management) which can be shared and reused across any number of applications and platforms.

By abstracting the workflow and the user experience, Access: One enables organizations to deploy a single platform for access, authorisation and identity management with services that are used across a number of user facing services (including web, mobile and voice channels).