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We help to ensure customers can access accounts and services securely, from any device and from anywhere.

Today’s customers are more involved with their bank than ever before. They want to check balances, move money, access services and check transactions, when it suits them.

They also understand there are risks online, and expect banking platforms to be impregnable and capable of dynamically measuring risk and adapting accordingly – all while providing a frictionless experience when accessing multiple services.

We help some of the best-known banks meet these demands, with proactive support and an as a Service based offering that keeps their platform current, improves customer experience and grows their business.

Access: One

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  • Easy to brand services, supporting multiple brands via a single platform.
  • Single sign-on and user provisioning for customer access.
  • Versatile and highly secure authentication.
  • A single view of the customer.
  • Ease of integration and customization.
  • Cross-platform solutions to suit any device.

We make securing banking platforms simpler, and that's only the beginning.

For today's customer time is at a premium. We enable on-demand access and self-service preferences management, providing single sign-on from any device and context based authentication that can vary your authentication patterns dependent on location. All of this with an industry leading level of protection and ease of integration with anti-fraud and security intelligence platforms.

Access: One ensures easy, highly secure access to banking products across multiple channels. All through a single platform which presents on-brand services for adaptive authentication, single sign-on, preferences management and identification and verification.

Access made easy, yet feeling safe and secure.

Today's banking customers need access to multiple products with a single credential. Whether securing personal or business banking, credit card, loans, mortgage or savings products we provide a single point of control and access.

With capabilities across adaptive authentication, mobile identity and voice biometrics we bring together mobile, voice and browser based authentication to strengthen security whilst improving the user experience. With Access: One your existing clients will have immediate access to products and new customers are able to easily register and purchase new services.

Modern banking needs to be on-demand, secure and accessible from every device. Access: One enables you to easily secure banking platforms while leaving clients feeling secure, safe and in control.