Bringing citizens and government together

Solutions - Citizens

We help governments provide value to citizens. And help citizens feel more valued too.

People expect ease of access and a high quality of service from public services, all while government has a responsibility to reduce risk, improve control and operate within budgets.

We help by making it easy to secure online services, and easier for people to access them. While at the same time, ensuring security, confidentiality and traceability.

With Access: One we make it easy to secure applications, registrations and transactions for citizens.

We’re able to authenticate citizens through a variety of channels (including social, mobile and voice). We provide easy to brand security services which support a variety of user experiences across web and mobile and we enable government to secure online access and bring their citizens closer.

Access: One

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  • Easy to brand security services across web and mobile.
  • Ease of integration for third party identity providers.
  • Single sign-on and user provisioning for employee, citizen and partner access.
  • Self-service registration, preferences management and social authentication.
  • Strong authentication to increase confidence and security.

Digital Government, but human and approachable.

People tend to only think of government when paying taxes, but a lot of effort is focused on improving citizens’ quality of life. Digital government provides online access to services easily and safely, and citizens appreciate that. We provide security services that make it easy to verify the identity of citizens and integrate with external identity providers, whether using social credentials or government digital services.

Access: One provides ease of access to vital information and services for both government employees and citizens. We enable government departments to centrally manage citizen and employee access while ensuring their information is safe.

Everything is easy to use, reliable and in one place.

With Access: One citizens are able to sign-on once and access any published service. We provide secure access through a single credential, making it easier to publish new services.

With an effective Identity and Access Management platform government becomes more inclusive.

Access: One helps to provide faster, more helpful services. Supporting both workforce and citizen access means any authorized user can easily access key systems from anywhere and from any device.

Citizens demand easy access to online services that’s secure and confidential, Access: One makes that a reality.