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We help to ease collaboration and safeguard security for pioneering universities.

Universities are the powerhouse of ideas and research, and online global co-operation is adding to the impetus. The more inquisitive and inspired minds come together, the greater the progress.

We're enabling that collaboration, by giving students, staff and researchers easier and more secure access to the services they need. We provide secure and adaptive access for staff, remote access and single sign-on for students and federated access for partners, all from a single platform.

We make sure systems and projects are well protected and sensitive information is only accessible by those who need to see it.

Access: One

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  • Easy to brand security services across web and mobile.
  • Single sign-on and user provisioning for employee, student and partner access.
  • Self-service registration, preferences management and social authentication.
  • Ensuring secure collaboration through strong authentication.
  • Managing access based on the context of the user, their device and location.

Security shouldn't get in the way of learning and research; it should bring people closer together.

Universities build amazing concepts, through thousands of hours of study and painstaking research. With a growing global demand for education services people require access from anywhere, and universities need to support remote learning and collaboration. A flexible and adaptive Identity and Access Management strategy is the key to bringing people together to collaborate and learn.

Access: One unites university students, staff and researchers with their peers from all over the world. It encourages collaboration by making it easier to access secure services and share ideas. It also helps you to protect valuable concepts and information with strong authentication and adaptive access controls.

Combining knowledge increases scope and potential

Accurately verifying a users’ identity, while making it easy for them to contribute, is vital. Access: One supports adaptive authentication while making access straightforward, and collaboration simpler.

Universities operate a complex variety of services and systems. Access: One provides a single point of control that ensures every student, sta member and researcher can easily, and securely, access protected systems. Available on-premise or as a Service, you can easily tailor the platform to your specific needs.

Presenting on-brand security services, across Web and Mobile, enables you to easily create and manage a single platform for identity across students, staff members, partners and associates.