Bringing customers closer

Solutions - Insurance

We help to provide simpler, safer ways to make a range of services more appealing to customers, easier to access, and better tailored to their needs.

It can be hard to make insurance seem appealing. Yet there is a way to transform it from a necessity, to a welcome and helpful life-enhancer.

We bring customers closer by making it simple for them to interact with insurers. We help them feel safe, secure and valued. They can find the service they need, easily, and make it work for them, personally.

At the same time, the information we gather helps insurers offer other relevant products, and build deeper customer relationships. That’s why our innovations are already working for some of the world’s largest insurers.

Access: One

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  • Introduce a single customer identity, across mobile, web and voice channels.
  • Easy to brand services with customizable workflow for registration and preferences management.
  • Versatile and highly secure authentication.
  • Ease of integration and secure API access.

It’s now so much easier to reach customers.

Customers research and source insurance products almost entirely online, often with little interaction with advisors or brokers. They need anytime access which is responsive across devices, they need to be able to provide information, tailor their policies and retrieve past quotes whilst only providing information when necessary.

We enable organizations to provide tailored user experiences based on information held about a customer’s existing products and interests. The user experience and interfaces adapt to a customer’s needs and context to provide frictionless journeys when researching, buying and maintaining their products and preferences.

We ensure customers feel that all products and services are part of a whole, every interaction behaves in a cohesive way and synchronization occurs across backend systems without effort. We enable users to manage their own credential and privacy settings to build trust while also providing self-service capabilities for merging and managing accounts.

And so much easier to bring together customer, employee and agent access.

Using a single platform for customer, colleague and partner access means you can centrally administer and monitor who is accessing what, from where and when. We introduce a single point of audit and control for identity management, governance, authentication, single sign-on and reporting. We enable ease of integration with existing systems and services whilst introducing new capabilities for strong authentication, mobile identity and federation.

With Access: One you can easily implement a single platform for everything identity across consumer, workforce and partner use cases.