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Enabling some of the world’s leading retailers to deliver grocery, banking, clothes, entertainment, energy and mobile products to customers. All through a single identity.

There’s no denying retail is changing. As organizations move to digital retail the focus shifts to how good security and a better user experience is built on identity.

The internet is the third-most-shopped channel every week, after supermarkets and mass merchandisers. Digital retail has had a significant impact on brick-and-mortar stores as shoppers prefer internet shopping, with products delivered to their doorstep, often at better prices.

Omni-channel retail provides rich opportunities for those organizations ready to provide the services that busy, modern households want. Introducing a single platform for identity enables retailers to gain competitive advantage through an improved customer experience, ease of access and reduced time to launch new services.

At Pirean we collaborate with some of the world’s leading retailers to help them realize the potential of digital retail and the importance identity plays in creating long-lasting and beneficial relationships with customers.

Access: One

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  • Easy to brand services, supporting multiple brands via a single platform.
  • Introducing a single customer identity, across mobile, web, voice and in-store.
  • Customizable workflow for registration and preferences management.
  • Versatile and highly secure authentication.
  • Ease of integration and secure API access.

Digital retail is changing lives.

We enable organizations to implement a single digital identity to access all of their different businesses and sales lines. We make the process of merging accounts, managing personal preferences and accessing services easy. Customers only need to use a single, secure identity to purchase products across services and channels.

Digital retail means people have access to stores at their fingertips. Successful retailers are embracing consumer identity management to extend their reach and to build more meaningful relationships with their customers.

And it's now so much easier to reach customers.

A successful digital retail platform demands anytime access which is responsive across devices. Customers need to be able to easily access services and perform transactions online, in-store or via mobile apps.

We enable organizations to provide tailored user experiences based on information held about a customer’s existing products and interests. The user experience and interfaces adapt to a customer’s needs and context to provide frictionless journeys when researching and buying products. Introducing a single digital identity means that organizations can enable users to begin purchasing online and complete the transaction in-store or via a mobile app. With a single digital identity, the possibilities of omni-channel retail become a reality.

We ensure customers feel that all of an organizations brands, products and services are part of a whole. Every interaction behaves in a cohesive way and synchronization occurs across backend systems and services without effort. We enable users to manage their own credential and privacy settings to build trust while also providing self-service capabilities for merging and managing accounts across different retail channels.